About US

When we say “Your Vision Is Our Mission” we mean it, not only to do the job, but to do it to your complete satisfaction.

Mission statement

LGC Development Inc. aspires to be the market leader and proudly serve the community, as an Independent Woman owned and operated General Contractor & Construction Services. We always strives to be fair, honest, impartial, respectful and professional, and act in good faith in all our business relationships with our clients, employees, subcontractors and suppliers. Our pride and personal involvement in the work we perform result in superior quality and service, Our relationships are built on trust and performance.

Code of Ethics

LGC Development Inc. Strives at all times to promote high-quality and safe building materials, products and techniques, provide a timely and appropriate response to all items and workmanship covered under warranty. Uphold the integrity and dignity of our profession and not engage in any practices that could bring discredit to the construction industry. We will seek to make a reasonable profit, but not at the expense of safety or workmanship. Uphold the conventions of our profession and will provide services in a professional and workmanlike manner. We will comply with all the laws and regulations that govern its practice in our jurisdiction, we will strive to engage in professional training and stay up to date with professional development.